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Class Descriptions

Looking for some Yoga?

    Monday and Tuesday at 10:45am, Friday at 9:30 - Yoga Flow. In this vinyasa style flow, students will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow based on Sun Salutations. Students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Taught by Julie VanMeter. 

    Monday night at 7:15PM - All Level Hatha Practice.  Undo the damage of your daily work. Learn to be still and to move, to stretch and strengthen and to find comfort in your body and peace in your mind. Class focus depends on what is needed by the students attending. Back, hip, neck and shoulder issues are often addressed. Simple meditation, breath work, balance and alignment are also explored. Taught by Jeannette Benjamin.

    Thursday Morning at 8:00AM - Gentle Yoga. Set your intention! Reduce some of those arthritic annoyances.  A gentler version of our All Level Hatha yoga class. This class offers modifications for those with injuries or other physical limitations. Here you will learn some healing yoga practices as well as modifications in alignment based on what YOU need. Often this class is done completely from the mat (no standing poses). Class ends with restful and restorative poses, taught by Jeannette Benjamin.  

SUNDAY SPECIALS and FRIDAY HAPPY HOURS - offered on select Sundays and Fridays (please see calendar):

Restorative Yoga

This Special Event class FILLS QUICKLY, PLEASE CALL JULIE 440 897 9911 TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! Restorative Yoga is like a gift!  The pace is very relaxed and mellow. The poses/asanas are designed to bring one a great feeling of calm and relaxation. The perfect way to prepare for the week ahead.

 Yin Yoga

Another Special Event class offered on select Sundays, Yin is a practice where poses are held for longer lengths (3 to 5 minutes) allowing one to stretch more deeply, accessing the connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum and spine). A passive and healing practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of poses which are done either seated, on belly or on back. This class also fills quickly and is often done with an optional Spin bike warm up. PLEASE CALL JEANNETTE TO RESERVE 440 213 8933.

 Meditation Class at 11:00AM!   Heather Sherrill of Serene Intentions is passionate about meditation and very educated in the subject.  She will guide you to find your inner happiness.  Class begins with quiet, calm breathing exercises while enjoying a few gentle stretching exercises. Then you are guided into a gentle meditation where you will reach a serene, tranquil imaginary place. Reduce stress, relax and take that hour of quiet time that you so deserve.

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Looking for a work out? Our number one rule for all our classes is NO JUDGEMENT, so do not be afraid to try something new. 

Cardio Kick Boxing  6:30 PM Mondays -  A fast paced work out designed to work the entire body. Learn the Taekwondo kicking techniques to use on our kicking bags!  We also incorporate Pilates, weights and floor work so you get your body sculpting in as well. Arms, abs, rear and thighs are never neglected in this class!  A great way to burn calories and build strength. We have been known to throw in some circuit training or step aerobics, too. Best thing - if you do the Kick Boxing class and then stay for the Yoga that immediately follows at 7:15, no charge for the yoga!!!  Woo Hoo. Our way of giving back to this great community, both classes taught by Jeannette Benjamin

Spin Class (indoor cycling)!

 This indoor cycling workout will take you from set up and warm up to several series of sprints, climbs, hills and optional weights. Instructors' teaching styles vary from feeling the rhythm and allowing it to move you (Julie), to drilling for strength and stamina for riding on the road (Karen and Jeannette)! Some classes include upper body (weights or handle bar push ups). All classes are beginner friendly since YOU control the amount of tension to use. Modifications are made as necessary based on your own level. We suggest that new riders refrain from standing until they have built adequate strength. 

Due to the limited number of spots, participants must pre-pay and reserve their bikes in advance, directly with the instructor for that class. Please note, if you must cancel your reservation with less than 24 hours notice, we must charge you for the class. This protects our instructors and keeps you's a win/win!


    5:30 PM Monday Spin and Yoga Stretch - Call or text Jeannette to reserve 440-213-8933.

    6:10 PM Wednesday Spin - Call or text ahead to reserve 330-241-0439.


     5:30 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Spin Strong - Call or text Karen at 330-241-0439 to reserve your seat!


    9:30 am Monday Spin - Call or text Julie at 440-897-9911 to reserve.

    8:30 am Wednesdays HIIT Spin - Call or text Jeannette to reserve 440-213-8933.


Aerobics Friday Mornings at 10:45AM  Aerobic style work out like back in the day to help you get fit while you have fun for only $5! Class is available to all levels and is taught by Julie VanMeter.  Julie can modify to accommodate your needs, whether you are a senior citizen just beginning your fitness journey or a more advanced student looking for more intensity.

Dance2Fit Tuesday and Thursday Mornings at 9:30AM  Set to today's newest music and some awesome throwbacks, you will get both strength training and cardio out of this calorie killing class. We blend equal parts exercise moves with some booty shaking dance moves to work your full body. Songs can focus on abs, legs, arms, and back to make sure you get the most out of your workout. Floor routines may pop up in our class so please bring a mat if you have one! Taught by Monica Callahan.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Wednesday 5:30PM. Come do some circuit work with Karen. This high intensity interval training style of work out is designed to strengthen and tone your body. It is fast and effective, burning calories over the next 24 hours.

Zumba! Wednesdays at 7:00PM, Saturday mornings at 7:50AM and Sunday mornings at 9:30AM! This is one popular class where you can dance, have fun and burn calories!  A mix of low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Toning sticks are also used to help you sculpt that body! Zumba with its Latin and World rhythms take the "work" out of work out, combining all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning balance and flexibility! Get your party on three times a week with Annette Anost for only $5.


  If you are interested in martial arts (ages 5 to adult) please go to



 When it comes to working out, there are three things to concentrate upon: Flexibility, Strength and Cardio. Our classes offer you those three necessary elements and more:

Our yoga classes focus on stretching, breathing and balance, overall strength building and core work, teaching you how to calm your body, bring relief to your problem areas and find that elusive mind/body connection.

 Our kickboxing, aerobics, Dance2Fit and Zumba classes incorporate strength training as well as cardio, helping you improve your stamina, burn calories and become strong. Most of these classes also pay special attention to abs, arms, legs and butts with weights and floor exercises.

Our HIIT class and MetaFit (occasionally offered as a Pop Up Class) are high-intensity circuits designed to get your heart pumping and build strength while you torch fat and define chest, abs, arms, legs and butt.

Sunday Specialty or Friday Happy Hour Classes provide a huge range of new things to try such as finding peace and relaxation with Meditation, Restorative or Yin Yoga, learning to protect yourself with Self-Defense, special events and more… Come and see for yourself!




Classes held at LaGrange Yoga (in Tiger Martial Arts Academy)